Power Up Your Knowledge: The Ultimate Guide to Understanding Car Batteries

The car battery is one of the essential components of your vehicle. Yet it is also one of the most neglected.

No wonder Australians spend $761 million annually on mobile battery replacement, according to a recent YouGov research.

Most people have the slightest idea of how an auto battery works and how to keep it in its prime condition for a long time. If you know how to take care of it, you will be able to enjoy a smooth-sailing ride with your vehicle.

Car battery maintenance does not have to be complicated. Learn all the tips and tricks to keep your automobile battery in good condition.

Being informed can also help you determine when to call a battery replacement service in case of emergency.


How do Car Batteries Work? 

A car battery works by transforming chemical energy into valuable electrical power, then transfers a voltage of this energy into various car parts to keep it running.

Your vehicle will not go places without its battery. So always make it a point to check your car battery’s health regularly.


What Happens When You Have a Weak Car Battery?

The car will endure additional stress on its charging system and alternator with a weak battery. These parts could malfunction from excessive voltage drawn up upon ignition.

You must monitor your car battery regularly to avoid paying for expensive car part replacements.


What are the Signs that Signifies Your Need for a New Car Battery?

The first thing you may notice is the sluggish sound when you try to start the car. These signs will follow after the presence of this sound:


The Car Engine Cranks but Refuses to Start

A weak or flat battery could be the problem if the car’s engine ignition or fuel system is working well.

It may also mean that you have corroded or unstable battery terminals, resulting in an unreliable connection between the battery and the starter motor.

The latter calls for a battery replacement right away


The Car Needs Jump Starting

You may opt to check for a busted alternator or a slow power drain but chances are, your battery might be damaged already.

Call for an auto battery service expert immediately when you experience this problem.


The Car Battery is Leaking, Swollen, or Cracked

A new battery replacement is a must when you see an acid leak or swollen and cracked auto battery in your engine.

Find a battery replacement expert who can take care of your needs anytime and anywhere.


How Long Can Your Car Battery Last?

The average lifespan of car batteries is around three to five years. However, factors like extreme weather conditions and driving behaviour may directly affect its longevity.

Make sure to use your car battery for at least three years to get the most value for your money.


How Much Should You Spend for a Car Battery Replacement?

The car battery cost in Australia depends on the type of vehicle. You can get second-hand batteries for as low as $40 if you have an older car model.

New car batteries cost between $100 to $150 while the price of premium brands starts at $175.

The labour cost varies depending on the service provider. Some may include it on top of the car battery price while other automotive technicians can charge $10 to $100.

The rate depends on your location and the difficulties of the installation process.


The Bottomline

Keeping your car battery in good working condition is crucial for driving safely. Always check and monitor your car battery condition to prevent more serious issues from arising.

It also helps to keep the contact details of your trusted service providers. That way, you can reach out to them for assistance.

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